GraphQL for
Flutter Developers

A comprehensive online course for Flutter developers who want to build amazing apps with Flutter and GraphQL.



GraphQL can be intimidating at first

But with a solid understanding it can greatly improve developer productivity and optimize app performance.

  • The L in GraphQL stands for "Language"

    Learning a new language is hard! It takes time and practice to become fluent.

  • New terminology

    Queries, mutations, normalized cache? What does it all mean?

  • Syntax

    What does the "$" mean? Do I need commas?

  • Authentication

    How do I implement login and registration with my GraphQL API?

  • State management

    How do I use GraphQL with my favorite state management tools?

  • Stale data

    My mutation succeeded so why is my UI not updating!?

Sean clearly puts a lot of work into his material keeping everything well organized and easy to follow. He explains principles well, which helps you understand the concepts and structures you need to be a successful developer.

Amanda V. Wagner

Growth Marketing Manager - Fauna

Sean has a rare gift of patiently explaining things in a way that is neither dumbed down nor overly-complicated. He architects software solutions in a very deliberate way - consistently taking performance, scalability, and maintainability into consideration. By taking this course you can be confident you will come away with a solid foundation of skills to implement GraphQL in your Flutter app, and that you will be learning from one of the best.

Lisa Martin

Staff Software Engineer

Do yourself a favor and get this course for you and your team! Sean is an excellent teacher, and comes from a place of real world knowledge and experience using this stack. Fast forward your adoption of GraphQL with Flutter and learn how to apply this tech to your project the right way the first time!

Collin Schaafsma

Co-Founder - ArkDAO


Everything you need to succeed

Whether you have worked with GraphQL before or are just getting started, there will be something in this course for you.

Lifetime access

The full course and all materials are yours forever.

Video tutorials

Step by step guidance that walks you through how to build a complete Flutter app with your own GraphQL API.


The most effective way to learn is to build.

Github project

Access code from the course anytime to refresh your knowledge.

Your own Flutter app

Includes almost every pattern you can expect in a Flutter app that uses GraphQL.

GraphQL backend

Build a full stack app, top to bottom.


Why I created GraphQL for Flutter Developers

Flutter developers everywhere are using GraphQL but guidance is hard to find.

Since early 2021 I've been leading a team of Flutter developers working on a community app similar to the one we will build in this course.

I’ve seen the most common challenges, hiccups, and missing pieces that most developers and teams struggle with when trying to work with GraphQL.

I’ve condensed my knowledge and best practices into a comprehensive online course to support you through the process of going from novice to expert with GraphQL.

I can't wait to show you what is possible with Flutter and GraphQL!

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As an official Fauna Champion I love solving problems with Fauna and sharing my knowledge with everyone in their community forums and Discord.
Sean Connolly



  • 45+ video modules
  • Lifetime access
  • Source code for all modules
  • All future updates

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The current application and all recordings were built with Flutter version 2.5.3. Higher version should still work.

    Ferry is the primary GraphQL client used in the course but principles should still apply to other client options, e.g. graphql_flutter. Riverpod is also lightly used for additional state management.

    Yes, all of it! The main branch in the GitHub repo has the full app and there are other branches for each section of the course.

    Sure! Drop me an email and I can setup a team discount for you.

    I love questions! Email me or Find me on Twitter